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Explore a sense of self through our relationship with food making choices. Discuss food safety and allergies—understanding how food relates to energy and health outcomes. Practice using our senses and eating mindfully. Discover where food comes from, farm to table.


Our relationship with food is formed as children. If this relationship is to be healthy, we need to learn to understand the power of our choices and the messages our bodies are sending us. Learning about food is more than just eating healthy. In this book, we learn to listen to our bodies and how to be adventurous with food! 


All About Food and Me is a great way to introduce the topic of nutrition and healthy food choices. This is a useful introductory resource or as a basis for extended learning on a variety of topics within a unit. Suitable for all year levels in the Early Years and Early Primary for group discussion and learning.


Learning outcomes


  • Mindful eating
  • Interconnectedness
  • Sensory engagement
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Learning to listen to the body
  • Updated food pyramid
  • Trying new things
  • Physical wellbeing 
  • Farm to plate
  • Allergies and body awareness
  • Free downloadable teachers' notes with curriculum links provide scaffolding and help teachers to design a learning experience.


Large format A3 sized big book, 297mm x 420mm - 22 pages.

Quality, high thickness paper. Laminated throughout for extra durability. 


ISBN: 9781925547115

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