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We all know that feeling of boredom. It feels like we want to crawl out of our skin. To a child it feels like time is standing still. But what is boredom trying to tell our minds, and our bodies? Let's find out!


Discover the state of boredom as a window to creativity as well as the effects on our brains and bodies. Includes a thesaurus of words, uncovering of pessimistic thought processes and finding new ways of thinking.


The way we feel determines our life experience, a natural part of being human.
Learn to recognise emotions, explore their causes and the effects on our body chemistry. With a better understanding of ourselves, we can learn to make new choices about how we think and act, to mindfully transform our feelings.


This book is a part of our ultimate six book special edition set exploring emotions of fear, shame, sadness, anger, boredom & happiness with positive psychology strategies.


Learning outcomes


  • Emotional awareness
  • Emotional vocabulary
  • Normalise and accept the emotional experience
  • Brain-body connection (basic understanding of neural impulses)
  • Discerning the physical feelings of emotions
  • Learn to question personal conclusions
  • Develop a repertoire of self-soothing thoughts
  • Empathy
  • Positive self-talk
  • Identity 
  • Interconnectedness
  • Inclusivity 
  • Respect


Use these titles as a companion to our shared reading books, Why do I feel..? Big Book and My World of Emotions Big Book.




235mm x 235 mm

22 pages


Questions for positive engagement

Simple one photo and one sentence per page for early readers

Parent resource

Holistic teaching

Downloadable teachers' notes to design your learning experience


ISBN: 9781922477330


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