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Enlighten Press Terms of Service Agreement

1. Introduction:

We're Enlighten Press, and these rules apply when you use our services. By using them, you're basically saying, "Yep, I'm cool with these rules!"

2. Data Collection and Use:

When you use our services, you might share some personal info with us, like your book wishlist or contact details. We'll use that info responsibly, just like superheroes protect their secret identities.

3. Purpose of Data Use:

We'll only use your info to make your wishes come true, improve our services (we're always looking for ways to make you happier), and keep everything super safe and secure. We promise not to do anything sneaky or fishy with your data!

4. Data Sharing and Disclosure:

We won't sell, rent, or give away your personal info to anyone outside of Enlighten Press, unless we're forced by law or need to protect our own rights (just like a dragon guarding its treasure).

5. Changes to this Agreement:

Sometimes, we might need to change these rules (we're not robots, after all). If we do, we'll give you a heads-up. And if you keep using our services after the changes, it means you're totally on board with the new rules.

So, by using our services, you're giving us a virtual high-five and saying, "I'm totally down with being provided awesome privacy-protected service!"

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