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"I am thrilled with the big books we purchased from Enlighten Press for the following reasons;

  • They are relevant to our children

  • The photos are clear, authentic and stimulating for additional conversations

  • The language is simple, clear, concise in a way which children understand

  • Some are  personalised with “I” or “we” statements which children identify with

  • Many statements promote a growth mindset by being positive, optimistic and promoting safe risks

  • They use language of our curriculum, the Early Years Framework – especially the ‘3 Bees’ (Being, Belonging and Becoming)

  • They are culturally diverse and inclusive in a respectful and authentic way

  • They are strong being double laminated! This encourages LOTS of use!"                 -Helen, Paradise Kids Adelaide 

"Last week I read the child friendly book on Autism brought into our Preschool Centre by Special Ed. I have a grandson, 7 years old, who has Aspergers. This book is the first I have seen in 40 years of teaching [Primary & ECE] that explains Autism in a precise and age related way to children. Once I receive this ordered book I will read it firstly to his cousins, then take it to work to use as a resource tool. A most informative book, well written."                                                                                                                                                                       -Margaret Kennard                                                                                                                      


"They are more than picture books, you have to look beyond that. We use the books for EAL, international students, Literacy, Art and casual reading. These books allow you to be creative and innovative with students."                                       Sue Hayward - Curriculum Resource Manager - Doncaster Secondary College

"Your books are really amazing and both teachers and children are enjoying them. They really are beautiful books. "   -Shellie, New Plymouth

"We love our books so much, thanks again, I wish you all every success with your wonderful products."

 -Ark early Childhood Centre

Amazing big books ... we bought them all, very impressed 👌🏻 the themes, images and quality all fabulous!     -Kimmy Mitch

Click here to see a review by retired teacher and blogger Marg Gibbs                          


I find that 'MY LITTLE BOOK OF POSSIBILITIES' is an inspiring and very well produced educational tool. The combination of colourful imagery and well-written 'I' statements guides the child's imagination, compelling their attention to aid in the creation of an optimistic perspective. The use of analogy (like flowers opening to the sun) gives an evocative imagery suitable for early learners. The varying font styles and bold type emphasis, the rising and falling of the words, and the imagery of moving from darkness to light, all combine to inspire the mind to awaken. This book artfully introduces mindfulness, stokes the embers of hope, and creates an optimistic mindset. It makes an invaluable addition to one's early learning material.                                                          - David, Brisbane

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